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10 March 2013 @ 08:50 pm
5 the GazettE members wallpapers  
Hey guys! Sorry for not posting anything in ages. Real life is being so demanding right now that I haven't had time nor energy to focus on graphics, and most likely the same will continue for undetermined time.

Today is 10th of March, also known as the GazettE's 11th anniversary. Have all of you guys already seen previews of the posters from MELT? Hopefully someone will scan and share the new images so I can make some "shirtless Reita"-wallpapers for you guys! Kai's images looked pretty damn good too...


5 Wallpapers in total, one for each the GazettE member.

Scan Credits:

Embarrassing but true, I can't remember! Aoi's scans were originally posted by itsumi_hara , but the owner deleted their journal. All the other pics are from the DECADE book, but I haven't found the scanner's information... I will credit if someone tells me who it was.


- Do not repost the wallpapers without my permission or claim them as your own.
- Leave a comment if you can, feedback is always welcomed!
- Please report any broken/wrong links so I can fix them.



1280x1024 || 1280x800 || 1024x768 || 1366x768


1280x1024 || 1280x800 || 1024x768 || 1366x768


1280x1024 || 1280x800 || 1024x768 || 1366x768


1280x1024 || 1280x800 || 1024x768 || 1366x768


1280x1024 || 1280x800 || 1024x768 || 1366x768

Same community rules apply, as always. Our graphics are intented only for personal use, meaning you can download these and use them on your computer, but you CAN'T post these to tumblr or anywhere else without permission.
I was not a happy camper when I came across so many reposted wallies (not just mine, my friend's too) on tumblr. So please don't do that. If you really want to post these somewhere else, please ask first. ♡

I had to change my file hosting site. If the old links from other posts don't work anymore, just leave a comment. I can replace them later.
Ellelaithan on March 12th, 2013 06:40 am (UTC)
Man, I hope for the same too. Then he could play us some tunes with that cool guitar. XD

Thank you!